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The design and content of this site are offered to you as a gift. We encourage you to use this gift in ways that will help you multiply the lasting contribution you make to our world - to the larger whole.

We intend that this site be an important contribution —

  • To transforming the world of organizations and the nature of leadership.
  • To accelerating the conscious evolution of our organizations and our communities - people and place.
  • To supporting a quantum shift in the effectiveness of the special work of organizational learning and change.

This site is intended to be an open source site, available for free use by all potential infinite players.

We want to evolve this site in a way that maximizes the generative ripple it produces in our world. We will be inviting the contributions and feedback from infinite players everywhere.

Three Requests:

  1. Use the site content wisely. This means:
    • Investing enough time and energy to be able to bridge from these concepts and examples in a way that best contributes to the unique systems you are serving.
    • Using the materials in a way that moves individuals, and their systems, toward wholeness.

  2. Where appropriate, acknowledge this site in a way that helps attract other potential designers of infinite games to join in this journey.

  3. Find creative ways to contribute to the conscious evolution of this site.