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Briefing Information for Advance Scouts

Advance Scouts — one of the five archetypal roles essential to the emerging infinite games movement.

Advance Scouts identify, appreciate, describe, promote and connect generative initiatives (and their champions), in ways that accelerate the spawning of these pioneering organizing forms.

Because we are exploring new territory, Advance Scouts will be the leadoff hitters in our infinite games initiative. It is for this reason that Advance Scouts are currently being featured in our 10 Most Wanted section. Check out this description for possible fit. These players will be scouting for initiatives with generative potential and creating summary writeups of cutting edge initiatives for this web site.

The questions and the responses below provide detailed briefing information for prospective Advance Scouts.


What is it that an Advance Scout does?

Our highest priority scouting task in the early stages of site development is that of identifying and describing generative initiatives for inclusion in this web site. The following will help illustrate this task:

Check out this brief description of Tad Veltrop's approach in helping to pioneer the role of an Advance Scout. His particular passion is neighborhood and community development. In his Advance Scout role he will do web research and networking to locate those initiatives that seem most generative in his field of interest. When he finds an especially generative initiative, he will interview key players and develop content for a web page in TIG's Generative Initiative section featuring that initiative.

Who would want to be an Advance Scout?

Our Profile for Potential Designers of Infinite Games lists characteristics and attributes of players likely to be attracted to this initiative. Check these out, both for personal fit, and to help decide if you want to be a part of a community that shares these qualities.

As described in our 10 Most Wanted section, Advance Scouts will have a special aptitude for and love of exploring, researching, reading, inquiring, appreciating and writing—all in the service of making a lasting difference.

Where are these scouts?

Why come forward to serve as an Advance Scout?

Count the reasons...
  1. Because it's there. Sir Edmund Hillary found this to be sufficient reason to tackle Mount Everest. Blazing a trail to a more generative world will be equally daunting, not nearly as dangerous, a whole lot warmer, and almost guaranteed to be free of bothersome paparazzi.
  2. Because you're passionate about making a lasting difference in your particular issue/opportunity area(s).
  3. Because you've received much and now want to give back.
  4. Because you're at a crossroads, a critical juncture, in your life journey. By scouting for the larger whole you can also find your personal path forward.
  5. Because it is your nature to serve as an explorer, a scout and appreciative inquirer. It comes naturally for you.
  6. Because this role provides structure, support and legitimacy to explore intriguing new developmental territory and invite in stimulating new connections and opportunities.
  7. Because you know this action-learning journey will be a highly effective and energizing means of personal and professional development.
  8. Because you'll be joining other players in pioneering infinite games as part of a movement that is much larger than any individual.
Your payoffs will vary dramatically as a function of nature and extent of your commitment. Stepping into the role of Advance Scout provides you with structure for developing yourself while you are shining an appreciative spotlight on those who are doing the kind of work that most excites you.
  • I will be working directly with the pioneering Advance Scouts in a way that will maximize the contribution of their work and their professional development.
A deep commitment to advance scouting can be a powerful means for finding, preparing yourself, and even transitioning into your true work.
  • Many luminaries developed themselves and their true work through the kind of inquiry process we're proposing for our Advance Scouts. Tom Peters and Jim Collins are two well-known "scouts" who have helped blaze trails for the rest of us.

    After leaving Exxon in '85, I spent two years playing what I would now call an Advance Scout role. See Sabbatical #1 for a brief description. This investment of time and energy both set my course toward my true work and also provided sufficient thrust to "get airborne" with a new career.
What are the criteria for generative initiatives to be included in this site?

We intend that the Generative Initiative section of this site continually raise the bar in terms of distinguishing those initiatives yielding ultra-high true ROIs.
  • We'd like to demonstrate a wide variety of initiatives, e.g., different levels of system, different sectors, different cultures, different sizes and scopes.
  • Check 15 Ways to Know Whether Your Initiative is Generative. The more ways your initiative fits, the more attractive the initiative for inclusion in this site.
  • We want to feature initiatives that result in systemic change; those so robust and generative that they can thrive and self-propagate in the larger, more traditional systems that surround us.
What should be included in a generative initiative write-up?
  • A personal introduction to the initiative by the Advance Scout describing the ways that this initiative is generative and the nature of the ripples its making.
  • Coordinates: Key summary information that helps readers easily locate those initiatives most relevant to their needs
  • Photos and graphics that engage the readers and make the initiative more understandable and memorable
  • Contacts and their contact information: We want to make it easy for readers to talk with key players who are knowledgeable about the specific initiative.
  • Links to source sites: The Advance Scout identifies those most useful sources and why they're useful.
What's required to serve as an Advance Scout?

The work required to develop write-ups for cutting edge generative initiatives can vary dramatically, e.g.,
  • It could be as simple as writing up one easy-to-describe and well documented initiative.
  • It's depth and scope could be as challenging as a Master's thesis, where you might be investigating a variety of initiatives within a particular domain of inquiry.
The individual Advance Scout determines the level and nature of his/her commitment.

We expect that Advance Scouts will familiarize themselves with the contents of this web site and find ways to help bridge between theory and practice, among initiatives, and among infinite players. Our intent for this site is that it provide lenses, models and language that enable widely diverse players to communicate and work with each other. The Advance Scout's use of TIG distinctions and lenses in describing their generative initiatives will help accelerate cross-pollination among all players.

How do you start?

Contact me (Bill Veltrop). I'll work with you to explore possibilities. Together, we'll determine whether your taking on this role could be rewarding for all involved.