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Chrysalis Retreats

Alan Sasha Lithman's ground-breaking book, An Evolutionary Agenda, describes our transformational challenge as a species—moving from Homo Egoicus to Homo Transitionalis. The following paragraph provides a fitting context for this "Chrysalis Work" offering:

This transformational will-to-change distinguishes itself from our more ordinary uses and conceptions of will in that it implies a will to change everything, including the way we use our will. In which case, it is a willingness to both exercise and surrender one's will at the same time, in the same movement; acknowledging the need to change, activating a will toward the realization of that goal while relinquishing egoic control over results, expectations and timelines for the very evolutionary changes we seek; calling in a greater consciousness to oversee that change; turning over our caterpillar lives and selves to wiser, more compassionate and trustworthy hands. For caterpillars, no matter how super-caterpillified, can never through their own devices become butterflies. In fact, it is only the secret call of the butterfly within each larval being that leads us to the chrysalis. For why else would any creature willingly undergo the passage through its own metamorphic death were it not for the call to flight of a greater life within it?

Marilyn and Bill Veltrop offer tailored, guided two to three-day retreats at Hansa House, the home and land they steward in the Soquel hills overlooking Monterey Bay.

For individuals or couples, Chrysalis work provides a spacious and nurturing context for those times in life when one is ripe for making a transformational shift. This work is more about letting it happen than about making it happen. Marilyn and Bill work as a team with Mother Nature in providing the chrysalis—a sacred container for the work of transformation.

Chrysalis work is designed to support emerging infinite players and those seeking inner and outer guidance on their transformational journeys. Infinite players caught up in outwardly-focused, out-of-balance patterns of doing and being who are yearning to connect with their highest Self, to open to their own inner guidance, and to create a more balanced life. Others might be seeking clarity about what is "calling" them, inspiration around their work or life purpose, and discernment relating to their next steps. Still others may be dealing with complex systemic challenges and opportunities and are seeking a vision of possibilities and a path forward. Chrysalis work offers a safe and sacred space—and experienced guides—to support such individuals on their unique quests.

Mother Nature provides the caterpillar with the time, space and instincts to carry out its metamorphic magic act. We humans have been gifted with freedom of choice. It's up to us to create the time, space and will to embark on such a challenging journey. Chrysalis work is designed to support infinite players ready to take a huge and potentially irreversible step down this path. What can be at stake is the difference between manifesting one's true work and highest purpose vs. just keeping on keeping on. The nature of the transformative change can play out at any/all levels of system—inner, interpersonal, organizational and world work.

These personalized retreats typically involve coaching and guidance with Marilyn, Bill or both; ceremony and practices to support deep inquiry; and significant time spent in silence and solitude, embraced by Mother Nature. Accommodation options include a comfortable guest suite with private bath or camping out on their sacred land.

For more information or to explore what this unique offering might mean for you, contact Marilyn or Bill.

Endorsement of Chrysalis Work

I recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Bill and Marilyn Veltrop at their home engaged in what they call "Chrysalis work." It was a truly productive, delightful and co-creative experience that not only brought new insights, clarity and direction to my work, but also to my life.

Simply put, Bill and Marilyn not only provide their own unique and mature skills, but also a safe nurturing space and receptive container—a "chrysalis"—conducive to the clearing and unfolding of one's "being" as well as one's "doing."

In this process, Bill brings in his extensive experience and expertise in corporate and organizational systems as well as his cutting-edge research into designing effective strategies for positive systemic change; while Marilyn brings in her interpersonal skills, wisdom and gifts as a transformational guide to individuals and groups.

I found that it was not only their individual skills and experience that helped midwife the clearings, shifts and positive outcomes that followed my emergence from that weekend "chrysalis;" it was their combination of skills and experience applied together in a sensitive, synergistic and integrated way that brought about a holistic result far more wholesome than the sum of its parts.

I am very grateful to the Veltrops for weaving together the space, the heart, the trust and the professional skills which helped me get from where I was to where I needed to be. For those of us questing through these challenging evolutionary times, seeking to find ways to become more conscious individuals and more effective change agents in the various system fields we inhabit, here are some trustworthy guides and pathfinders.

Alan Sasha Lithman
Author, An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium