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10 Site-Shaping Assumptions
What if we're not as evolved as we'd like to think we are—and that was the good news? What if, as designers, developers and leaders of our organizations, we've still only at an adolescent phase in our evolutionary journey? What if there's unlimited potential for further development?

What if the caterpillar-like characteristics of our traditional large organizations (earthbound, consuming many times their body weight each day, seen as unattractive by many) are a phase we're going through? What if our organizations could become more like butterflies: free of the gravity of "control-over" structures and systems, touching the earth lightly, delighting and enhancing the lives of those they touch?

What if our incredibly complex interwoven web of institutions (business, government, education, health, military, religions, etc.) has been shaped by a worldview that is limited and limiting? What if it were possible to break free of this dominant worldview? What if societal metamorphosis is not only possible but is also our evolutionary (and business) imperative?

What if this metamorphosis was already underway? What if Nori Huddle's delightful Imaginal Cell Story provided an accurate description for how this metamorphosis is unfolding? What if we, as "imaginal leaders" began to be more intentional and strategic in our "clumping and clustering"?

What if we knew how to develop an organization's capacity for capacity building—and could do it in a way that was generative, i.e., self-regulating, self-sustaining, self-improving, self-propagating, energy-generating, life-enhancing, and even self-evolving?

What if employee and leadership development were always natural consequences of your organization's various capacity-building initiatives? What if the work of organizational learning and change were woven throughout the fabric of your organization's operations in a way that becomes seamless?

What if we were able to evolve our organizations and our socioeconomic-environmental ecosystems to the level of elegance and effectiveness found throughout the rest of nature?

What if you are a potential designer of infinite games, and it is your destiny to play a leadership role in this grand evolutionary shift?

What if you were enabled in multiplying the lasting difference you're making for your world by at least a factor of 10—an order of magnitude shift?

What if you were personally encouraged and supported in breaking out of the box of your limited/limiting beliefs—again and again and again?