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A Profile for Game-Ready Infinite Players (GRIPs)

Everyone is gifted with an "inner infinite player." Most of us need development (inner and/or outer) to become "game-ready."

Are you an emerging GRIP? Try the following personal characteristics and beliefs on for size:

  • You love to pioneer, push the envelope, explore outside your box, experiment with new ways of seeing and being. You are an "Innovator" or "Early Adopter." You're an avid learner and attracted by those who share your commitment to growth and development.

  • You are undaunted by the challenges of high-altitude, big picture visioning, deep inner exploration, and acting with boldness and immediacy.

  • You are successful in your work and your role as a leader. You're intrigued with the notion that your success might be limiting what you believe to be possible, e.g., you sense a higher destiny lying beyond your current horizons.

  • You consider personal inner work of primary significance to effective action as a leader, and want to spend time with those who share this commitment.

  • You're on a path—your journey "has you." You're convinced there's a larger process at work, and you want to learn how best to flow with that process.

  • You are intrigued by the notion of committing to a 10-100X shift in the lasting difference you make in the world.

  • You see strengthening the quality of relationships and agreements as increasingly important in all aspects of your life.

  • You are ready to do what it takes to bring balance and wholeness into your life—to embrace both your humanity and your sense of deep interconnectedness, to bring intention and attention into your emergence process.

  • You're ready to participate in a developmental adventure designed to support your journey "from where you are . . . to who you are."

  • You have a deep sense that you are not in this alone—that we're all in this together. You are ready to evolve that special web of co-creative relationships that will support you in this next phase of our human journey.

You resonate with or are intrigued by these beliefs
  1. We're experiencing the beginnings of an evolutionary shift that is as awesome, as wondrous, and as unimaginable, as all the other evolutionary breakthroughs our planet has experienced. Only this time, and just in time, the shift is not only to more complex biological forms but also to more generative social forms.

  2. We humans get to co-star in this creation process. We're intended to play a co-evolutionary role in this drama.

  3. The opportunities to play a significant role in helping to accelerate this evolutionary shift have never been greater. The need for such a shift has never been so evident. Recent breakthroughs in the technologies of connectivity are already producing radically new business models and organizing strategies.

  4. With expanding collective connectivity comes expanding collective consciousness. Expanding connectivity is already turning the marketplace upside down. With collective connectivity and collective consciousness both expanding exponentially, we will see a fundamental shift in the nature of business organizations. This shift will be characterized by a radically more generative definition of success.

  5. What's needed to surf the wave implicit in this evolutionary shift is a new kind of leadership—leaders committed to evolving themselves and the organizations they serve in ways that are as generative as the rest of nature. This demands openness to the inner work and transformation that is essential to transforming our outer communities and organizations. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change we seek in the world."

  6. There is a growing yearning among leaders throughout our institutions to shift to organizing strategies that are dramatically more sustainable and beneficial for all affected by those institutions. This yearning is largely unexpressed. It needs special support to find its voice.

  7. We believe we're not in this alone. Just as all the rest of nature's evolutionary shifts have been guided and supported by an infinitely inventive and seemingly omnipotent intelligence, we too can expect divine (as well as human) guidance and support in playing our roles as choiceful, conscious co-evolutionaries.

  8. The time is ripe to consciously choose to co-evolve from today's devastatingly finite games to infinite games—games that are truly worth playing.

You currently play one or more of these kinds of roles, and you're willing to add, "steward for the future" to your job description

  • Foundation Leader
  • Educator
  • Sustainability Champion
  • Journalist
  • Learning/Change Architect
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Media Magician
  • Financier
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Developer
  • Provider of Transformational Services
  • CEO
  • Board Member
  • Transformational Leader
  • Policy Shaper
  • Visionary
  • Organizational Leader
  • Organizational Strategist
  • Change Champion
  • Org'l Change Agent
  • Political Leader