Early Visions | Bay Area 2020: An Infinite Game | Introduction

Introduction: A List of "Seed Ideas"

We encourage you to engage with these ideas in a way that will help germinate those seeds that have potential to contribute to our collective quest for wholeness.
  1. We're at an evolutionary choice point — A closer look at Paths A and B.

  2. Why we're stuck on Path B — We're addicted to our collective patterns of thinking, consuming, organizing, interacting, etc.

  3. Three fatal design flaws — Our theory as to the root cause of our dysfunctional patterns.

  4. "Organization monocultures" and our three design flaws — These pervasive design flaws both produce and are reinforced by organizational monocultures.

  5. Borrowing from Einstein — Getting elevation above our "problem."

  6. Path A will be fueled from two energy sources — Both will require out-of-box thinking.

  7. The Bay Area can catalyze an entrepreneurial design renaissance — Silicon Valley brought us into the Information Age. The Greater Bay Area can bring us into an age of wholeness.

  8. Emerging dream fragments — Yet to be described seed ideas.
We offer you these initial seed ideas and invite you to imagine their potential if judiciously planted and nurtured. These emerging content pieces will provide you a few vision elements. The dots need to be connected before this vision can become whole and widely held.

Our commitment over the next 14+ years is to gather and plant more seeds, to attract players committed to nurture their growth, and to do so in a way that eventually evolves into a magnificent rainforest of regional wholeness.

Two reasons why this emerging eBook content will be a bit challenging:

  • We've only just begun our 15-year action-learning expedition into unknown territory. This journey can't be mapped in advance. We'll be co-creating this "guide book" as we go.

  • Path A requires a fundamental shift in worldview—new ways of seeing. New territory requires new tools. Adjusting to new lenses and learning new language takes commitment, time and patience.
On the other hand, setting out on at personal quest to discover the magical fit between our largest evolutionary challenge/opportunity and your highest purpose, your true work, can produce an immediate and irreversible shift in your way of seeing your life and your world.

As a prospective infinite player, we invite and challenge you —

  • To reflect on your true work—what is it you came here to do? What is the legacy you want to leave for your children's children?

  • To reflect on the lasting difference you want to make through your work for the world.

  • To examine these seed ideas and imagine them planted, sprouted and nurtured in that part of our Bay Area watershed home that you might choose to steward.