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Marilyn's Service Roles

Transformational Guide

Marilyn Veltrop serves as a guide to individuals and groups on journeys of awakening and transformation. She creates a safe container in which she guides and supports clients as they awaken spiritually, descend to their depths, and rebirth themselves and their work. Coming from a place of deep love and commitment to service, she serves as a sacred mirror, reflecting both the incredible potential in each of us and what's arising for healing or transformation.

Drawing on a rich blend of psychospiritual approaches, life/work experience and deep intuition, Marilyn helps clients access their own inner wisdom and truth, attune to their essential soul nature, tap into their unique gifts, and discern what is "calling" them. Over time, they are able to release what no longer serves them and live more authentic, balanced lives with a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

Marilyn is convinced that our highest work is that of Self-realization— discovering who we really are and what our true purpose is in this lifetime. Her calling is to help others discover and follow their unique path forward, and to provide authentic, pragmatic support and guidance to those committed to that journey. We are much more than we think we are. Marilyn helps us find our way to this highest Self.

As a transformational guide, Marilyn draws from a rich reservoir of spiritual and psychological theory and practice, as well as her profound understanding of leadership development. She is a gifted facilitator of transformation with an unusual depth of compassion and insight and that rare ability to help you grapple with the truth and delve more deeply into real knowing. Marilyn has an unusual ability to provoke innovation and self-awareness which makes her an amazing individual guide and group leader. Working with Marilyn is a true privilege and a rare opportunity. Gail McMeekin, President, Creative Success, LLC and author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and The Power of Positive Choices

Circle Facilitator/Guide

In 1998, Marilyn co-founded PathFinders with her husband Bill. Together, they co-led five seasons of Pathfinder Circles, providing advanced leadership development for those committed to personal, organizational and global transformation. Marilyn also co-leads Pathfinder Circles for Women with Pele Rouge and serves as a guide to women's circles and transition support circles.

Marilyn's circles are distinguished by safe, sacred space; deep intimacy; spaciousness; and a focus on commitments and transformative process. She listens deeply to what is said and not said and gently guides others with wisdom and compassion.


In 1987, after seventeen years and a few laps around the corporate fast-track, Marilyn followed her own inner guidance to become a consultant to individuals and organizations in transition, and later to pursue graduate studies in transpersonal psychology. In her dissertation entitled Business Leaders in Transition: An Organic Inquiry into Eight Transformational Journeys, she developed The Figure 8 Model as a map of the transformational journey.

Marilyn holds a Masters degree in counseling psychology and a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She received her Bachelors degree from Mount Holyoke College and completed the Management Program for Executives at the University of Pittsburgh.

Marilyn has served on the Boards of the African Food and Peace Foundation and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She currently serves as a volunteer for Hospice Caring Project of Santa Cruz County. Her personal interests include gardening, hiking, photography and travel to sacred sites.