Early Visions | Bay Area 2020: An Infinite Game | Why We Seem Stuck on Path B

2. Why We Seem Stuck on Path B

One Theory
We are addicted to collective patterns of thinking, consuming, organizing, interacting etc., that keep us unconscious of and unaccountable for the well-being of the whole.

These addictions are sustained by complex entangled relationships within and among both the organizations that make up these organizational domains, and their participating stakeholders, i.e., most all of us.

The larger organizations that make up these representative domains have become the culture-shaping institutions of our times. Our addictions have become the water we swim in—the way things are. We tend to blame "the system," whether it's our systems of governance and their virtually impenetrable maze of political and bureaucratic fiefdoms, or the large complex systems we've evolved in our other organizational domains. Even our "Heart-centered Organizations" (foundations, religions and other non-profits) are not immune from the design inadequacies that seem endemic to these other domains.