Who Am I? What Is My Passion? What Is It I Want To Do?
— Bill Veltrop, July 1997

I want to help co-create a new game of business
by creating approaches to organizational learning and change
that have the capacity for self-evolution
for individuals
for teams
for organizations.
They are all inextricably interwoven, as you know.

I want to do this work in partnership with diverse allies
who choose to serve business
in a way
that lets their expertise grow within
and ripple throughout
the organizations they serve

I work best at high levels of system,
at high levels of leverage,
with high levels of vision
and with high levels of play

I love beginnings
I love discovering and honoring what is
and serving as architect to what might be --
exploring new terrain,
working with a clean white board

My genius is most easily tapped when I am partnering
with those committed to going for the impossible --
and wide open to discovering the possibilities
that they and others are

my life purpose,
is to serve
as seer, lover, weaver, architect and magician

What comes easily and joyfully to me
is to see --
to see who you are,
to see your incredible and unique gifts;
and especially to see
who we are collectively
when we draw lines of connecting energy
between the dots
in imaginative and appreciative ways

Being a lover has come more slowly,
and not without pain.

My shyness
in embracing life
and that which is life-giving
has been melting.
This iceberg has finally
found its way to the South Seas

Our organizations are alive:
living organisms
comprised of living organisms.
They are not machines -- never were.
And they become cold blustery fearful places
when numbers and things reign supreme

Re-awakening an organization's spirit
calls for caring and acceptance.
Re-kindling its soul
calls for protection from the winds of fear

I've been yearning to love
and didn't know it.

I'm now learning to love --
to love life,
to love living,
and to love that which is life-giving
I'm especially attracted to that which is generative,
to that which evolves
and to that which is self-evolving.

I am enchanted with design --
I love that we always have choice
and that there is no limit to choice.

I love elegant design --
those choices that seed our imagination;
in a way that scatters and spreads,
and sprouts up magically and voluntarily
in our neighbor's yard,
and on the other side of our globe

I love the creative challenge
that is with us this day --
the co-evolutionary task
that is the gift
that lets us keep giving;
the service
that let's us keep serving.

I love that the time has come
when loving is clearly both the means and the end.

I love that the time has come
to weave our talents together
in ways that
will reawaken our collective spirit
and rekindle our collective soul

The landscape of organizational learning and change
is littered with threads of genius.

There are "what-colored" threads that highlight what's missing --
what needs to change
What-colored threads are brightly colored.
They are easy to see and to grasp
They lead us to what's wrong -- what needs fixing

The what-colored threads invite us
to re-engineer,
to re-structure,
and to perfect our processes of production,
delivery and service.

The "how-colored" threads are harder to see.
They are subtle and soft,
alive and elusive,
essential and invisible.

These how-colored threads lead us to ask
and to discover --
how to re-engineer,
how to re-structure,
and how to go about perfecting our processes of production,
delivery and service --
in a way that
sparks our collective spirit
and restores our collective soul

Thriving organizations of the third millennium
will be self-reflective,
and self-evolving social organisms.
Their fabric will be woven from a rich variety of yarn.
The warp of the what-colored strands
will be incredibly strengthened
and enlivened
by the woof of the how-colored strands.

Leaders in these 21st century organizations
will be master weavers.
I choose to partner with those leaders
who seek to master that art

My special gift as weaver
is to find and distinguish the how-colored threads
in a way that
lets us weave them with the what-colored threads
so that
how we approach the work of change
brings the intended future into the now.

A master architect of learning and change
is able to see the wonder
and the possiblity
that lies within and around our institutions
be they public or private.

An architect of learning and change
sees process in the foreground,
with structure in support;
sees aliveness all around,
in a dance with numbers and things;
has no fixed designs,
no one answer,
no single master.

An architect of learning and change
sees learning in the service of change
and change in the service of learning —
partners in a spiraling dance.

There is much to be imagined,
much to be re-thought
much to be re-invented.
much life to be lived.

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